SIMDI. The most beautiful Ossetian melody accompanies two rows of dancers - the men in black long-sleeved "chokhas" and the ladies in white airy dresses. This wedding dance, based on the rhythmic alternation of black and white, on the strict graphic outline and exact mirror symmetry is the result of Iliko Sukhishvili's choreographic fantasy and rich imagination. Steps and gestures specific to Ossetian dance are submitted to the whole choreographic concept.

At first, the united black-and-white row of men and ladies falls into two parts, as if huge gates are opening. After this, two absolutely symmetrical rows continue dancing. It seems as if they are a reflection of one another. Now the rejoined row of the dancers falls into six symmetrical parts, as if black and white silhouettes, reflected many times in innumerable mirrors fill the space.

The duet of a man en point and a lightly gliding lady is also keeping the absolute symmetry of this dance. All this looks like a beautiful dream. It is not an exaggeration to say that Simd is a feast of refined classical simplicity and harmony.

Choreography by I. Sukhishvili and N. Ramishvili. 1945.

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