KHANDJLURI. A dance depicting the warriors' descent from the mountains, with swords and knives. One could say that because of the energy and emotion characteristic to Georgian dances, the image of competition makes a good basis for many. The dancers compete in rapidly performing the most complex movements in wielding sword and shield. In this setting they are competing at casting daggers into the floor. In this sparkling dance, a line of men wearing fur hats and black felt cloaks slowly appear on the stage. Suddenly they throw off their cloaks and remain in blood-red robes. Competitors replace each other. One can observe the daggers being thrust into the floor by the dizzying movements of the dancers. The stage is covered with protruding swords, and finally a crowd of dancers shows up on the stage. They perform complex movements within a very small area remaining among the swords. This dance requires tremendous skill.

Choreography by I. Sukhishvili and N. Ramishvili. 1961.

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