Date of Birth: 1972
Profession: Choreographer, dancer
Education: Russian Academy of Theatrical Art, Moscow, Russia
Degree: Master of Arts in Stage Movement
Current occupation: Chief Choreographer, Georgian National Ballet (Georgian State Dance Company Sukhishvili-Ramishvili)

2003 - staged two new Georgian Dances "Lasharoba" and "Nanila"
          - Produced new project - Folkqotheque - Assa - modern version of Georgian folk dance and music.
2002 - continued to work on the new program. Produced new Georgian Dances: "Juta", "Uchkhresti", "Ajameti", "Shkhelda"-Svanuri.
2001 - staged new Georgian Dances "Samani" and "Ilouri" with the Georgian National Ballet, premiering in May 2001 at Tbilisi State Opera
          - staged Caucasian dances in the Netherlands Theatre of International Dance (het INTERNATIONAL DANSTHEATER)
2000 - preparation of a new dance programme, premiere of the new dance "Zekari"
1999 - participated in International Festival in Thailand
1998 - actor and choreographer in the film "2"
1997 - Choreographer with the Netherlands Theatre of International Dance (het INTERNAITONAL DANSTHEATER) in Amsterdam, staged 30-minute performance "Dances from the Black Sea"
1992-96 - staged performances and shows at various clubs in Moscow: "Titanic", "Aerodance", and "Kvas Theatre Performance Ballet"
1995 - director-choreographer at "Music-land", Moscow. Participated in the performance "Jesus Christ Superstar", Moscow.
1994 - Participated on International Festival in Portugal with the performances of the "Georgian National Ballet"
1993-94 - Training as a choreography teacher at Moscow Variety Theater
1993 - Participated in the International Ballet Festival of Nervi, Italy. Established the artistic workshop for Theatre and Cinematographic Plastics "SALVE" in Tbilisi.
          - Produced a 25-minute film "SALVE", contributing scriptwriter and choreographer.
          - Participated in Bolsano Festival in Italy with the performance "Georgian National Dances"
1992-93 - training as a teacher of Plastics with a group of actors at Moscow Taganka Theater
1989-95 - studied at the Russian Academy of Theatrical Art, Moscow
1984 - First appearance on stage at Seget Festival in Hungary, with the performance, "the Dance of the Horsemen"
1982-83 - Studied Georgian Dance at Choreographic Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia

At the rehearsal

Countries toured with the Georgian National Ballet: France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, England, Holland, USA, Ireland, Hungary, Venezuela, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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